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A morning garden, a pearly dew drop slowly slides off a rose petal...

With this in mind, this design of earrings was created. The porcelain gives a delicate appearance as does the soft sky blue color. A perfect addition to your spring look.


These earrings are hand cut and shaped so each item and pair is unique!




· Material: transparent glazed light blue colored porcelain, iridescent glaze accents + keshi pearls

· Metal: The pins are 14 k gold plated, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

· Size: left earring +/- 8.5 x 2 right earring +/- 7x 2 cm

· Finish: Glazed at 1240ºC,  iridescent accents glazed at 780ºC 

· Maintenance: This product does not require special maintenance. Please store it in a box for protection and don't forget it is still a delicate material that should be handled with care :)



Please note that every item is unique and could show some small imperfections. We hope you understand that this is the beauty of handcrafted design. 


Drops of youth - Sky Blue Pearlescent Earring

Only 2 left in stock
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