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Elevate your style with our Pearl Embellished Pink Velvet Padded Headband. This exquisite accessory unites the soft allure of pink velvet with the timeless elegance of pearl embellishments. The pearls are embroidered onto the fabric in the word: 'AMOUR'


Key Features:

  • Pink velvet headband adorned with faux pearls in the word: 'AMOUR'.
  • Versatile and glamorous, suitable for various occasions.
  • Elevate your fashion statement with a touch of enduring sophistication.

Adorn yourself with this exceptional headband and experience the transformation it brings to your outfit.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this captivating accessory. Order now and let your style shine with its own unique charm.

Pearl Embellished Pink Velvet Padded Headband

Only 1 left in stock
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